Are Window Coverings Considered an Essential Business?


These are strange times, and businesses all over the country have been categorized as either essential or non-essential. Window covering professionals installing blinds and shades fall into the category of construction, and so they have been deemed essential. But does that really make sense? If you think about it, it actually does. If a family has just purchased a home, and all the windows are bare. This actually creates serious safety and privacy concerns for the family!

Window coverings are a first line of defense against prying eyes that might be casing a home for signs of life, or lack thereof. Leaving your windows bare means anyone cruising the street can easily see if anyone is home. Often they can see the contents of the living room or media room where large TVs and any number of other valuables may be visible.

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Privacy is also a legitimate concern and warrants categorizing window covering professionals as essential. A big picture window behind a master tub can provide a clear view to the neighbors of everything that goes on in the bathroom. During this time of spring there are many people walking in the evening. Windows along the front of the house create a fishbowl effect! Everything happening inside is clearly visible to anyone outside who is curious.

We are taking the current health crisis very seriously and doing everything we can to follow all current social distancing guidance. At the same time we recognize there are still folks who need their windows covered. Our desire is to continue to provide our clients with the best service we can.

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Durham and Chapel Hill, as well as Mebane and Hillsborough still have new houses closing every single day in the Triangle. These folks need businesses like Made in the Shade to stay open and on the job. Where personal interaction isn’t advisable, technology can fill in the gap! As always, we are providing service that is personal, friendly, and helpful. Give us a call so we can work with you to find a great solution for your windows today!

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