Ordinary or Extraordinary: Our Competitive Edge in Window Fashion

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How Made in the Shade transforms everyday windows with personalized design, top-tier quality, and unwavering commitment.

At Made in the Shade, we’re not just about window treatments; we’re about your story. From that initial consultation to the final installation, we lend attentive ears. Stellar service is our hallmark. We’re your window treatment partners, weaving a tale of excellence. So, Central NC, let’s transform your windows—everyday to extraordinary. Let’s create something extraordinary together! 😊🌟

Custom Solutions: Your Style, Our Expertise

Why settle for off-the-rack when you can have bespoke beauty? Our business model revolves around personalized consultations right in the comfort of your home. Our Design Consultants listen, observe, and understand your unique needs.  Together, we curate tailored solutions that reflect your style. Dare to be different—we make it easy!

Free Consultation: Explore, Dream, Create

Our commitment begins with a free in-home consultation. Picture this: Our friendly Design Consultant arrives at your doorstep, armed with a treasure trove of samples. You don’t need to step out; we bring the showroom to you!  No cost, no pressure—just exploring and creating together.

Quality and Value: Crafted Excellence

We’re not just window treatment enthusiasts; we’re connoisseurs of quality. Our partnerships with top window treatment manufacturers ensure that you receive nothing but the best. When you choose Made in the Shade, you’re choosing top-tier window fashion that adds value to your home.

Wide Range of Options: Shades, Blinds, and Beyond

Your windows deserve more than basic blinds. Our exquisite assortment includes shades, blinds, and shutters. Each piece is a work of art, enhancing your space. Need privacy? We’ve got you covered. Want to control light? Consider it done. Energy efficiency? Absolutely! Let’s elevate your rooms, one window at a time.

Professional Installation: Precision Matters

Measure twice, install once—that’s our mantra. Our highly trained professionals take meticulous measurements. When it’s time for installation, we oversee every detail. The result? A flawless, custom fit that leaves you smiling. We take pride in your satisfaction.

The Role of a Professional Design Consultant

Now, let’s talk about our secret weapon: the Professional Design Consultant. They’re not just experts; they’re window whisperers. Here’s why their expertise matters:

  • Tailored Solutions: Our consultants assess your space, lifestyle, and preferences. They blend practicality with aesthetics, ensuring your window treatments align perfectly with your needs.
  • Product Knowledge: Trends change, but our consultants stay ahead. They know fabrics, textures, and technologies like the back of their hand. Consider them your window treatment encyclopedias.
  • Design Wizards: Color theory, fabric harmonies, and visual magic—our consultants wield these like wands. They transform ordinary windows into design statements.
  • Precision Matters: Accurate measurements are their superpower. No wonky fits or awkward gaps—just perfection.
  • Installation Ninjas: They oversee the installation process, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly. Your windows deserve nothing less.

 Our Five-Point Value System

When all is said and done, it’s our unique five-point value system that truly distinguishes us and guides our commitment to excellence.

  • Service: Stellar service is our secret sauce! From the moment we step into your home for that initial consultation, we’re all ears. Your story matters, and we’re here to make it amazing. Before, during, and after the sale, consider us your window treatment confidantes.
  • Quality: We’re all about top-notch quality! Our window treatments are meticulously crafted by the world’s leading manufacturers, using premium materials. When you choose us, you’re getting the crème de la crème of window fashion.
  • Customization: Unleash your creativity! Each window treatment we provide is a canvas for your unique style. Pick your colors, styles, and options—we’ll turn your vision into reality. Be bold, be you! Customization has never been this fun and easy.
  • Value: Buckle up for value galore! Our industry-leading products come with unbeatable warranties. You’re not just investing in window coverings; you’re investing in peace of mind. High value, great price—now that’s a win-win!
  • Warranty: Worried? Don’t be! Our manufacturing partners have your back. Many offer lifetime warranties. So go ahead, embrace those stunning window treatments without a second thought. We’ve got you covered!

Thank you for joining us on this window fashion journey!  Schedule your free in-home consultation today and let us weave magic into your living spaces. 🪟✨

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